Creative Business House, CBH Model Management & Don't Be Cheap (Donnons Leur Une Chance) presents a never seen before event: The Dwarf Fashion Show. With a strong start in Paris in 2014, The Dwarf Fashion Show is also a non profit organisation with the objective  to reverse the discriminatory diktats of beauty and to give the opportunity to little people to express themselves by bringing an innovative perspective to the fashion industry. The Dwarf Fashion Show promises to extend and revolutionize the conditions of access to the industry.
Fashion remains an art, a way of self expression. The Dwarf Fashion Show brings back the essence of Fashion by going beyond the physical criteria. Indeed, unlike the 5.9 inch and 120 pounds we usually see on the catwalk, The organisation of The Dwarf Fashion Show has The ambition to create an innovative era conveying values of self confidence, self esteem and equality.

On 27th September 2014, fifteen little fashionistas from all over France, walked down the runway in mind blowing creations designed and made in New York City by Creative.Business.House. The fashion show took place in the heart of the capital, within the luxurious Pavillon Gabriel - Potel & Chabot, partner of the event.

MORE THAN your average size event

The INTERNATIONAL Dwarf Fashion Show


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